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This Is how you discover podcasts now·a·days

Listen to podcasts, curate, share and

record tapes 

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In a new fun and easy way

Stop Searching, Start Swiping!
Swipe through personalized podcast highlights to discover new content!

Record Tapes

Listen to your friends talk about their favorite podcasts, or record your own voice replies over podcasts!


Connect with podcasts communities

Unlock the power of social podcasting

Social sharing

  • Share video clips directly to Twitter, Facebook, iMessenger and more

  • ReTape insightful moments from your favorite podcasts to bookmark or to discuss with friends


  • Record your own tapes, or voice replies over other podcasts to start a conversion! 

  • Tapes are downloadable, so podcast creators may use your tapes in their next releases!

Following & Followers

  • You can follow podcasts, but also other listeners!
    Taptapes community is all about curating, sharing, and expressing your voice!


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Download App

Download App

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