Analytics is not what you're missing. You need to own your relationship with listeners

Updated: Jun 14

You own the podcast so it only makes sense that you could reach out directly to your audience, why would the audience hide behind a smoke screen of data points and graphs.

On Taptapes we believe our job is only to facilitate a direct relationship between you, the podcaster and your listeners. We want to help with initiating the process that sparks a relationship, and make sure that retaining it, feels smooth. That's why we've create a pre-podcast page! Instead of sending your listeners to random podcast player's pages e.g. Apple podcast, You can start encouraging your listeners to drop their emails

What can you do with a listener's email?

- You're more than just a podcaster, you're a talent, start a newsletter!

- Send teasers of upcoming episodes!

- Keep your listeners updated! (New website? Event you plan to attend? New guests lineup? merch? Email them!)

- Did you know you can use emails to run a Dedicated Facebook Campaign?

To conclude, don't waste your audience, If your podcast is part of a business, a business by it self, purely for entertainment, or just a hobby,

Having more control over your audience could only benefit you.

If you'd like to add a pre-podcast page to your own podcast for free,

Leave your details here

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