TapTapes Origin: Ideas are like Stars

There’s an infinite amount and it’s a long journey to reach them, so you might as well share your darn idea. That’s the first thing you learn as a start-up founder.

This is the second part of my story, read the first one here

But if you’re optimistic like me, you also think, “True, but they also shine and lead the way.” Either way, you still better off sharing, perhaps you’ll find people that will help you navigate.

So my turn, what’s the BIG idea?

As a starving artist (well… a music producer who worked in tech) I wanted to somehow help other creators, but the more I read about copyright laws for music the more I was discouraged about my gamified streaming music app.

At the time I've also been jealous of some friends who were talented & funny twitter writers and felt I express much better with my voice. This is what led to the idea I shared with Mario (Sudo name for the developer). ”We will make a twitter-like app, but with only Audio!” I said

Stop that thought, you’re probably thinking, hmm.. that’s kind of cool… is there nothing like that already though?

Well no! there isn’t!… I mean not exactly… Well… hmm... Maybe just a few… Oh.. there are actually plenty of them… That was literally my learning curve as I dig deeper into research. But all of them felt shitty. Why?

What I failed to understand at that point was if the apps are poorly made or there’s no need for audible communication in today’s world. or perhaps it’s something else?

As a new founder, this immediately throws you off, should we just throw away the idea? or instead, build it and hope for the best (after all huge viral growth is easy peasy isn't it)

. Just like my idea, what I was missing is probably focus. Black & White thinking is not what I needed.

Next time I’ll write, I’ll share what happened to Mario and the idea.

Or if you prefer just to check the finished product, visit our website & app: https://www.taptapes.com

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